New to XTFM!

So, as most of you may remember, I just started as a DJ for a new station, well, to me, anyway. I am now also broadcasting for XTFM! For everything about their station, you can visit their website at:


I do a random show on Saturday nights from 10pm until 1am EST! It is a lot of fun, and I obviously take your requests!!!

Ways you can interact and request things:

XTFM Chat Room – – Pick a nickname and join!

DJ Twitter – @DJFaithful86

DJ Email –

Facebook Chat – (If you have me)

Facebook Page (Please Like) – – You can message me there as well!

So, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to get ahold of me for my shows on Saturday nights! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Come join me this Saturday at 10pm EST!

After my show last Saturday, a fellow DJ and co-owner, Wes and I teamed up for his show on Tuesday! It was an opportunity for me to co-host with him, which we never did, until then. It got his listeners familiar with me, and possibly give them an idea of who I am, so then they could tune in to my show as well!

If you missed Wes’s Musical Meltdown for this past Tuesday, in which I was the co-host, enjoy his blog here:

Wes’s Musical Meltdown with Co-Host DJ Faithful: 11/17/2015

I hope you will all join me this Saturday!!

See you then!! 😀