Is it Christmas Yet?

Yes, I know, for most people it is too early to even think about Christmas, but I definitely am excited for it! I actually want to decorate my house this year, which I didn’t do last, but I wanted to, nonetheless. I personally am not a fan of snow, thanks to mobility issues, but it makes Christmas feel a lot more like Christmas to me.

I already have gift ideas for this year… let’s hope I can actually follow through with them this year. Last year, sadly I couldn’t, but I am more positive about this year. Listening to Cimorelli presently, and I’m thinking at the end of this post, I’ll post one of their Christmas songs… yes, I know, still might be too early for some, but after being a co-host for my friend’s show last night, and the thought of doing a Christmas special, it kinda got me in the Christmas mood. Why, thank you!

Enjoy Cimorelli’s Christmas song I post!!


Enjoy! 😀

This Christmas ramble is complete. I’ll be back with more rambles on this, I’m sure! 🙂