The Return of Stelena, Among Other Things!

This blog post is literally a mixed bag of everything. Most of you may remember me posting a blog with the playlist and archive for my first show on X Transmission FM. If not, you can search back and find it. XTFM is the shorter abbreviated name. I decided to add that to my broadcasting routine, because why not?

For schedule and other things regarding XTFM, go to:

Also, starting this past Saturday, my friend Elena came to stay with me for a week so she could test out a wheelchair accessible unit. This meant, for those who know of this duo, Stelena returned! Who is this, you ask? It’s Steven, and Elena combined. They seriously feed off of one another, and are similar in more ways than I think they even realize, plus they are absolutely hilarious together. The house is definitely not dull with both of them here.

I did my first show for XTFM on Saturday night, and while the show was happening, Elena and I had quite the hazard on our hands, and poor her, she was trying to clean it up. What was it? Well, let me explain… I have always told Steven to fill the sink with water, and put the dishes into it. Instead, he puts the dishes in the sink, fills them with water, and depending on how full the sink is with dishes can be a hazard for water spills… which is exactly what happened. It had forced Elena to get onto the floor to clean it up. There was a bowl in the sink that was on top of other dishes, and was full of water. Since Elena was using her rented wheelchair at that time, when she opened the microwave to get the popcorn I had made, out, the bowl spilled over and landed on the floor… everywhere. It was so bad that I literally asked Steven to come back, just in case Elena had to go back to the hospital. I won’t say much more on this, but honestly now seeing how much pain it caused Elena, he realizes how dangerous that was.

Now onto happier things… Elena is still here and I’m glad to have company. It has been awesome to have Stelena providing the laughter and liveliness in the house. I’m still catching up on sleep from Saturday’s lack of it.

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Well, I think that’s all I want to talk about for now. Enjoy the covers, and I shall write again soon… hopefully! 😀