Hello Insomnia! How Not Nice to See You!!

What is it with me and blog posts at strange hours? It is almost 2am, and obviously, again, I can’t sleep. Why is this? I have my own opinions.

  1. Money is coming in around 3:30am or so
  2. I usually wake up early on paydays anyway
  3. Usually grab breakfast early after I pay bills and whatnot

Now, I know these are odd ways for waking up at this hour, but it has been something my body has done for years… especially on payday. Why? I really don’t know, except for the fact that the earlier I get bills paid, the earlier I can go eat an early breakfast. Now, I must say, there are times where I will sleep until six or so, but that usually isn’t very often. In a way, kinda wish it would happen more often than it does.

what am I doing at this hour? I’m currently listening to the show archive I did yesterday, as I filled in for a DJ on the internet radio station I am on. What am I gonna do until money comes in? No idea! I’m just drinking ginger ale, and listening to my broadcast, not sure what else I’ll do. My body seems to hate me on paydays, and insomnia creeps in and takes a seat. How dare it do that! Oh well!

What to do now? Not sure, but all I know is I’ve got some time to kill.

This blog post is complete. Maybe I’ll write a more productive blog post soon.

FYI, I hate insomnia!!!