Big Brother 17 – Finale Talk!

So, the season ended last night for the US version of Big Brother… Season 17, to be precise. Who made it to Final Three? Liz, Vanessa, and Steve made it. I thought, like most people that Vanessa would win it all! Who did? I’ll tell you shortly.

Firstly, the final HOH happens. For those Big Brother newbies, the last HOH has three parts. The person from the first part advance to the final part of the HOH competition. And, the two other people face off in part two to see who faces off that other person in the final round. How did this work for the current Final Three?

The first part was an endurance part. Vanessa had won that. So, this meant that she advanced to the final round of the last HOH. In the second part, Steve and Liz faced off and this one was a puzzle. Steve won that round. This meant, he would be facing Vanessa in the final round.

The third round is usually a question and answer round, with true/false or multiple choice questions… usually about the jurors. Who do you think won the final HOH? Was it Steve? Was it Vanesa?

Drum roll please…

The winner of the final HOH of the season was Steve!

This meant he had to choose who he would bring to Final Two with him.

Did he choose Vanessa? Um, no. That would be stupid for his game.

He had chosen Liz to go up against in the Final Two to face the Jury. The jury, as always brought good questions for the two houseguests. The question period is to solidify where their votes are going, as a jury.

Now, for the most intense part of all.

Drum roll please…

Who voted for Liz?

Julia – Obviously

Austin – Obviously


Who voted for Steve?

Johnny Mac






Who won? Obviously the majority vote did. Who was that? Steve! Everyone must be so proud of him in his small town! Me, as a fan am super proud of him! He fought through a lot!

This wraps up my finale talk for Big Brother’s 17th season! What an intense one it was!