I’m Broadcasting Again? That was Quick!

when I used to have, I’m getting somewhere! it has been an interesting month every building for me. It all started with getting my mac fixed, followed by gaining my music collection back. Even though, I am far from what I used to have, I’m getting somewhere!
This week, I purchased A headset mic for my show. That was another step in the right direction. So, I officially, as of a few hours ago, told the staff list that if my headset arrives on time, I will be able to do my show this coming Friday! 
None of you know how elated I am to start again! It has been a long time coming, but it is finally almost here! I can’t wait to start again! I have missed it quite a lot. Most of you know how much I loved your broadcast. So, here I am, almost ready to broadcast again.

Piece by piece, everything is fitting into place.

As for now, this blog is done.