Computer Fail, Then External Hard Drive Fail… Lovely!

Oh, blog readers, I must say that this is the first post I am writing from my own Mac, and not a library computer! The writings are endless now! I’m still installing things, and trying to get things back to the way they were before all this. Oh, and just one little jab at Apple, thank you for wiping my hard drive. Yes, blog readers, I will explain that one.

I ended up taking my Mac to a place called Right Stop Computers, here in Ottawa. The original price to get my Mac fixed by Apple was $314, plus tax. The original price at this place was $180, which isn’t bad, however the person we spoke to was in a good, and he lowered the price to $150, plus tax. Yes please! Because I had a busted Mac, Steven paid for it for me. I still can’t thank him enough. Anyway, the guy told me that the drive wasn’t doing that great *before* Apple touched it, but then when trying to override my firmware password, they ended up wiping my hard drive. I love Apple, but in this case, right now anyway, I do not.

So, the people at Right Stop Computers replaced my hard drive, and reinstalled everything to factory basics. So, within three days, Right Stop Computers had *MY* Mac up and running again. I must say, I am grateful to Steven for suggesting this option, even though I was weary about it in the beginning.

Oh, and the story doesn’t end there…

On that Friday, Steven had went to pick up my Mac from Right Stop Computers… that was fine, dandy, peachy… except once my Mac was set up at my computer desk, I plugged in my external drive that I normally held my music on, and it had decided to format itself. So, I had a computer back with no music to do my radio shows with… really? What an endless nightmare!

Things are getting there, but goodness me, I do not this to happen again. It’s been too much of a nightmare!

Let’s hope so.

Well, this rant of a blog is done.