Excitement Overload!

I’m hoping this title gives you some hindsight. If not, I shall explain in as much detail as possible. Firstly, Steven and I decided to take a random bus ride out to Barhaven. Why? Honestly, just because. Any excuse to get out of the house is a good one. This is honestly where the excitement begins.

Firstly, we decided to get something to eat, and there was a Pizza Pizza nearby. After realizing his Pizza Pizza card had $24 on it, we used that money instead of personal funds. After we finished dinner, we decided to check out Staples. Or, I did, and Steven decided to tag along too.

I decided to look at office chairs, since the one I have hurts my back insanely. The cheapest one I saw was around $75 or so. Only problem, I personally didn’t have the funds, and it wasn’t that comfortable. We ended up talking to an associate from the furniture department, and he showed us a leather one that the back could adjust on it, as well as chair height. Even bigger problem, that chair was even more expensive, for ODSP users. It was $119, and that was the sale price. It was originally around $140 or so.

Now for the exciting part of this. Since it was on sale, Steven paid for the office chair for me. So, now I have a new office chair that is supposed to be delivered sometime tomorrow. Can’t wait!! Steven also called the computer place where my IMac is being fixed, and the guy that spoke to him said that he was working on it as they spoke. He also said that it should be finished either tomorrow, or Friday. Can’t wait for that either! I want my computer back! I have been way too long without my own computer.

So, at least this blog has some hapy news. Will blog again soon. 😀