Big Brother 17 – Finale Talk!

So, the season ended last night for the US version of Big Brother… Season 17, to be precise. Who made it to Final Three? Liz, Vanessa, and Steve made it. I thought, like most people that Vanessa would win it all! Who did? I’ll tell you shortly.

Firstly, the final HOH happens. For those Big Brother newbies, the last HOH has three parts. The person from the first part advance to the final part of the HOH competition. And, the two other people face off in part two to see who faces off that other person in the final round. How did this work for the current Final Three?

The first part was an endurance part. Vanessa had won that. So, this meant that she advanced to the final round of the last HOH. In the second part, Steve and Liz faced off and this one was a puzzle. Steve won that round. This meant, he would be facing Vanessa in the final round.

The third round is usually a question and answer round, with true/false or multiple choice questions… usually about the jurors. Who do you think won the final HOH? Was it Steve? Was it Vanesa?

Drum roll please…

The winner of the final HOH of the season was Steve!

This meant he had to choose who he would bring to Final Two with him.

Did he choose Vanessa? Um, no. That would be stupid for his game.

He had chosen Liz to go up against in the Final Two to face the Jury. The jury, as always brought good questions for the two houseguests. The question period is to solidify where their votes are going, as a jury.

Now, for the most intense part of all.

Drum roll please…

Who voted for Liz?

Julia – Obviously

Austin – Obviously


Who voted for Steve?

Johnny Mac






Who won? Obviously the majority vote did. Who was that? Steve! Everyone must be so proud of him in his small town! Me, as a fan am super proud of him! He fought through a lot!

This wraps up my finale talk for Big Brother’s 17th season! What an intense one it was!

Rambles and Such Things

Well, I haven’t posted much. Today, however, I did fill in for a DJ on Sky 106. If you wish to know all things Sky 106, go to: Steven did his show from 9am till noon today. We were back to back which was quite awesome! It was weird though because apparently during my show, at least the first bit anyway, was breaking incessantly. So, lucky me, I had to piece my show together. If you wish to listen to my archive, you can here:

Now, for Steve’s show, I can give you all the archive link for that too. His show is called Splendid Steve’s Time Machine. Go ahead and take a listen!

Hmmmm… what else is there to write about? Tomorrow is finale night for BB17!!! So excited about that!! I mean, within the Big Brother world, who isn’t? I have so many predictions on the Big Brother front, it’s kinda crazy! So, I’m sorry fellow blog readers if you aren’t into Big Brother. If not, stop reading now! 🙂

So, Vanessa, Steve and Liz are in the final three. Who would’ve thought? I had this feeling that Vanessa and Steve would go far, but Liz? I’m sorry, I do like her, but because of the blown twin twist, I’m surprised she made it this far, but I’m definitely proud! Since the feeds are still up for the season, I found out that Vanessa won the first part of the HOH. So, Steve and Liz faced off in the second part of the final HOH competition, and Steve won. Who do I think will actually win the final HOH? I have this feeling Steve might. Who will he evict? Obviously, Vanessa! We shall see how tomorrow goes though.

All right, that’s enough rambling for now. Might post another blog tonight, or sometime soon. 😀


I’m Broadcasting Again? That was Quick!

when I used to have, I’m getting somewhere! it has been an interesting month every building for me. It all started with getting my mac fixed, followed by gaining my music collection back. Even though, I am far from what I used to have, I’m getting somewhere!
This week, I purchased A headset mic for my show. That was another step in the right direction. So, I officially, as of a few hours ago, told the staff list that if my headset arrives on time, I will be able to do my show this coming Friday! 
None of you know how elated I am to start again! It has been a long time coming, but it is finally almost here! I can’t wait to start again! I have missed it quite a lot. Most of you know how much I loved your broadcast. So, here I am, almost ready to broadcast again.

Piece by piece, everything is fitting into place.

As for now, this blog is done.

Oh, J.K. Rowling… I Must Honour You

So, I’m pretty sure I’ve written about the show, Who Do You Think You Are. Well, in this past season, season seven, to be exact, an episode was done on J.K. Rowling. I loved her episode, and so I think it is right that I honour her somehow. How?

Since she spoke about Harry Potter in her episode, it inspired me to download the series in audiobook form. So, now I have chosen to read them, but read them consistently. I’ve tried to get into the series before, but I never really finished it. So, I decided the way to honour J.K. Rowling, was to really put effort into finish the series. With how much she spoke of it in the episode, made me realize how much I should give a good honest effort to read them

So, I have started now.


Computer Fail, Then External Hard Drive Fail… Lovely!

Oh, blog readers, I must say that this is the first post I am writing from my own Mac, and not a library computer! The writings are endless now! I’m still installing things, and trying to get things back to the way they were before all this. Oh, and just one little jab at Apple, thank you for wiping my hard drive. Yes, blog readers, I will explain that one.

I ended up taking my Mac to a place called Right Stop Computers, here in Ottawa. The original price to get my Mac fixed by Apple was $314, plus tax. The original price at this place was $180, which isn’t bad, however the person we spoke to was in a good, and he lowered the price to $150, plus tax. Yes please! Because I had a busted Mac, Steven paid for it for me. I still can’t thank him enough. Anyway, the guy told me that the drive wasn’t doing that great *before* Apple touched it, but then when trying to override my firmware password, they ended up wiping my hard drive. I love Apple, but in this case, right now anyway, I do not.

So, the people at Right Stop Computers replaced my hard drive, and reinstalled everything to factory basics. So, within three days, Right Stop Computers had *MY* Mac up and running again. I must say, I am grateful to Steven for suggesting this option, even though I was weary about it in the beginning.

Oh, and the story doesn’t end there…

On that Friday, Steven had went to pick up my Mac from Right Stop Computers… that was fine, dandy, peachy… except once my Mac was set up at my computer desk, I plugged in my external drive that I normally held my music on, and it had decided to format itself. So, I had a computer back with no music to do my radio shows with… really? What an endless nightmare!

Things are getting there, but goodness me, I do not this to happen again. It’s been too much of a nightmare!

Let’s hope so.

Well, this rant of a blog is done.

Renegade Live Acoustic = A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

Again, here I am writing about Cimorelli. Yes, yes, yes, you you could call me a Cimorelli obsessed person. I honestly don’t care. They sing so well, especially when they sing a cappella, or when they sing songs life, in acoustic. One song I am so amazed of is their live acoustic version of Renegade. It is my pick me up song anyway, and to have it be sung live, and in acoustic is double the awesome!! You will be amazed too!

Tell me in the comments what you think. 😀


What If I Did Have It All Back… This Song Says All!

Currently at the library listening to Cimorelli, on Youtube. What specifically? Their origianl song, Fall Back. Oh, does it ever explain all? for those blog readers that know me, they’d be able to tell what I mean, just by the lyrics alone. Honestly, I forgot about this song for awhile, but when I heard it in the background of one of the most recent Cimorelli videos, it brought me back to why I was moved by this song in the first place.

So, today alone, I’ve been repeating it over and over again. You blog readers will get to hear this song too. Listen closely, it may bring back memories for you too. It sure does for me.

So, I will probably write again in the next little while about the acoustic version of Renegade. Until then, this post is done.

Excitement Overload!

I’m hoping this title gives you some hindsight. If not, I shall explain in as much detail as possible. Firstly, Steven and I decided to take a random bus ride out to Barhaven. Why? Honestly, just because. Any excuse to get out of the house is a good one. This is honestly where the excitement begins.

Firstly, we decided to get something to eat, and there was a Pizza Pizza nearby. After realizing his Pizza Pizza card had $24 on it, we used that money instead of personal funds. After we finished dinner, we decided to check out Staples. Or, I did, and Steven decided to tag along too.

I decided to look at office chairs, since the one I have hurts my back insanely. The cheapest one I saw was around $75 or so. Only problem, I personally didn’t have the funds, and it wasn’t that comfortable. We ended up talking to an associate from the furniture department, and he showed us a leather one that the back could adjust on it, as well as chair height. Even bigger problem, that chair was even more expensive, for ODSP users. It was $119, and that was the sale price. It was originally around $140 or so.

Now for the exciting part of this. Since it was on sale, Steven paid for the office chair for me. So, now I have a new office chair that is supposed to be delivered sometime tomorrow. Can’t wait!! Steven also called the computer place where my IMac is being fixed, and the guy that spoke to him said that he was working on it as they spoke. He also said that it should be finished either tomorrow, or Friday. Can’t wait for that either! I want my computer back! I have been way too long without my own computer.

So, at least this blog has some hapy news. Will blog again soon. 😀

A Fixed Computer Would be Nice!

I’m here again writing from a library computer… nice that they have this option, but I honestly miss my own computer, my own space, my own place to do what *I* want! Even though the computer I am on is unrestricted, I still feel restricted somehow. Why? Let me explain in more detail.

I know this may sound quite defeatist, but I honestly was, and still kinda am, ready to give up on my IMac, however, there is a place called Eight Stop Computers. They fix anything from windows machines, to Macs. Problem is, I don’t trust easily.

Initially, my friend Steven and I took my IMac to the Apple Store in the Rideau Centre. The technicians there determined it was a hardware issue, and not a software issue. It failed a hard drive test. So, to fix it there woulc’ve costed $314, before tax, since I did not have Apple Care.

So, since I was kinda, and still kinda am in the defeatist mood, I thought about buying a used windows computer. Instead of Steven just asking about that, when we went to Eight Stop Computers, he had spoke about my mac. I knew he was trying to help, but I still wanted to research the windows computer option a bit more before submitting to anything, with regards to my IMac.

So now because Steven graciously submitted for me, I’ve gotta wait three days for it to be fixed by Eight Stop Computers, which apparently is cheaper… much cheaper, in fact. Although, my fear is just because that place fixes Mac computers, doesn’t mean they have the know-how to *actually* fix them.

Oh well… what’s done is done. Now it’s the hell of waiting for *my* computer.