You *are* #Unlimited!

So, this title says all. I wish I had this song years ago. Yes, of course, it’s another Cimorelli song, well, written by them anyway. They partnered up with so many other people to create this song, on behalf of Old Navy. They are raising money for Boys and Girls Clubs in America. Awesome cause!! Awesome title! Awesome purpose!!

Enjoy the music video!!!

Enjoy the *Behind the Scenes* video!!!

Now, finally, the #Unlimited lyric video!!!

Well, there you have it! I honestly can’t wait for you all to see this! All I’ve gotta say is: Be strong, be bold, be brave!! 😀

The Therapy of Writing

This may be such a weird blog title, but it is honestly true. I’m slowly sifting through a mess that I wrote about in my previous blog post. I won’t rewrite too much into that, but honestly after writing that blog post, I felt better about my choices and decisions. It’s been a long road through my life, and writing has helped me when honestly nothing else could. I’ve written little things ever since my younger days, but I never thought about keeping an actual blog. Well, here I am creating blog posts whenever I see fit.

I’ve spent some days writing multiple posts within a day, and sometimes not touching my blog for weeks on end, but that is honestly the pleasure of it. I’ve been through tough times, happy times, funny times, and, of course funny times too. I have a blog to thank for that. I know I have friends that care about me, and I care about them too, but sometimes writing can fill a void that no one else can. I know that can be harsh to some, but it is honestly true. Writing is therapy… that is all!

Two Creepy Guys in one Day… Seriously?

What a day… as some of you may, or may not know, I was sexually abused a few years back by a roommate I had back then. Fast forward to today… what a way to open that door I thought was closed. How, you ask? Let me tell you.

Ever had a creepy guy that, just by his actions, you could swear he had been a sexual abuser in his past? That’s how I felt… not just once either, twice! Only difference was one was in person, the other one on Facebook chat.

So I can get over it once, but twice in one day? Not so much! By the second time this happened, I was frozen with horror.

This honesty just tells me that when I sense sexual abuser like creepy guys, it breaks the lock I have on that awful door.

I must tell myself that tomorrow will hopefully be a better day.