I Could Easily Fall… Because of You!!

So, as most people know, I live in a wheelchair accessible townhouse, which honestly I love!! Here’s the huge problem, management sucks ass! Why? Let me explain.

Firstly, there is only *ONE* maintenance guy… *only* ONE! How stupid is that? Whenever I’d ask for maintenance to be done b, they’d do it… but do such a poor job at it. Oh, and the story does *NOT:* end there…

Once my roommates moved in, the maintenance work that was needing to be done was seriously declining… why? I believe it’s because of how many cats the have. That seriously should not effect anything. Of course though, it does.

Now, let us get to the pressing issue… the significant cracks in our bathroom floor. Firstly, I could easily trip and fall because of those cracks. Secondly, and honestly most importantly, there is mold growing underneath those same cracks in our bathroom floor.

My roommates have put in *three* work orders to get this issue fixed. Management *claims* that since our maintenance guy has returned from medical leave, he has been backlogged. Fine, great, wonderful… here’s the kicker though, from July 17th to the 31st, said maintenance guy is going on vacation. Really? Not to mention, not a single work order of ours has been looked at… not impressed Due to the mold under our bathroom floor could eventually affect my roommates’ and my health if this isn’t dealt with soon.

One last thing, if it weren’t for me needing wheelchair accessibility in my home, then I would honestly move out!!

For now this rant is complete… for now, key word.

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