You Say You Love Me, But You Can’t Be Honest?

This title says all. Is this gonna be password protected? Absolutely not! Why? Your family deserves to know… everything! Steven, you say you love me, but yet, four times later, you still can’t be honest with me? Really? Do you trust Beryl more than you *ever* trusted me? Or, were you too ashamed that you, *apparently* had a, *run in* with her… I’m sorry, except I’m not, but run in… my ass! Your family was so grateful that I steered you on a different path. Question is, did I really? I honestly doubt it! Your family trusted *me,* and honestly, I think they still do. I know you don’t!

You may, or may not remember this, but any *family* that embraces me, I truly embrace them. Now, possibly, because of your screw ups, four of them, I may not get to. The key thread with these four screw ups, dishonesty. Dishonesty about Beryl, no less. You, Steven, could never tell the truth when you apparently *ran into* Beryl. You would lie through your teeth, and say things like “Oh, the buses are late,” and whatnot. When you have a *run in,* you are too afraid to text me when she’s in the same vicinity. Is that really love? I don’t know!

Oh, and by the way, through what was our relationship, I was able to actually say the words “I love you,” first! That takes trust, which you shattered and broke into smithereens. Does that make me wanna trust you more? You answer that one!  You also say that I was chosen for you? No. Now I think I’m chosen for someone else… someone honest. Honesty means trust, which is where you lack, and won’t ever get back.

Thanks to you, I may not be able to keep my promises.

Accessibility… Meet the Prefix *In!*

Today was a celebratory day, nine months for Steven and I. Most of it was awesome! We went out to dinner at Casey’s, and then I suggested checking out the karaoke place he spoke of. Most of that was ok too…. key word, most… not all! So, after some pepsi’s, and Steven singing four songs, and me singing two, we thought about heading home… fine, dandy…

First we needed to use the facilities… thus us were the rant begins! Steven wheels me to where the washrooms are, and we figure out I can’t fit with my wheelchair into the narrow hallway where the washroom is… really? Everything else seems accessible enough, but that isn’t?

May I add, as soon as I stood up, that triggered my knee to throb, and trigger quite a hefty series of spasms thereafter. This, mind you was before I even made it to the washroom. Steven had to assist me in getting to, and into the *girls* washroom. Why? All because of inaccessibility in that area. This, of course made my knee far worse… not impressed!

I’m home now, but as a result of this inaccessibility, I’m using my wheelchair… even in my bedroom. Knee hurts too much to even think of trying to walk with crutches, let alone independently. I’m now in pain because of this… thank you Caco’s for an excellent evening of karaoke, and having the shittiest setup for your washrooms… that is all!

Now, I’m done!