It’s Sim Storyline Time!

I’ve been in a sims mood the last few days, so I decided to create a new family which just started off with a girl I named Rosanna, and her daughter Heidi. Heidi went off to art school, which left Rosanna on her own most of the time. She does what some people do in the human realistic world, online dating. That seemed to work for her. She found Montel.

In the sim world, not too long after they started dating. Monte ends up proposing to Rosanna, and they have a private wedding. By this point, he is already living in the same house as Rosanna. As soon as they were married, they tried for children of their own. Success!

The thing about sim world is you can’t ever know the baby’s gender, which always makes it a surprise. I chose the name Joshua for their first child. When Joshua became a toddler, Rosanna and Montel tried again… success again! Another boy was added to the mix, which I chose to name Daniel.

The next time they tried again was when Joshua was a child, and Daniel was a toddler. At this point, they added fertility treatments to the mix, because you can do that if you have the correct amount of lifetime points. Pregnant again… pregnancy suits Rosanna, doesn’t it?

This time was twin time… one boy, and one girl. Most of my blog readers may, or may not know that I watch Big Brother Canada. Well, one of the houseguests’ name is Sindy, with an S. So, promptly, in sim world, I name the one and only girl, windy, with an S. How ironic. The boy I named Riley.

Shortly after the twins were born, Heidi graduated from Art School. Once she came home, she dove herself into the stylist profession. Then I decided to send Joshua off to Military School. He is still there, and now he is a teenager. Heidi stays at home with Daniel, Sindy and Riley so the babysitter doesn’t have to be called much.

Shortly after, Rosanna and Montel move out, leaving Heidi with all her half-siblings. This is so they all would have more room, and the house wouldn’t be so cramped.

To finish off this outline, if I can, I’ll be uploading a photo of the house I built for them.

Faith Sim