Is it Almost The End of April Already? Wow!

Wow! Is time really speeding by that quickly? Too quickly, in my opinion. Sadly, yes. This coming Monday is the last Monday before we practice at the theatre, on stage. Holy crap! Our piece is indeed coming together, not gonna lie about that, but we always could use more time. All performers could always use more time, but do we always get it? No!

Now, I could spoil it for everyone else in the Ottawa area that reads my blog, and post the score. Although, since it isn’t officially finalized yet, I won’t do that. I’m just super excited for everyone to see it!!! It’s gonna be called, Soaring. I seriously can’t wait for all of you to see it on May 8, 2015. We are only performing one night, but I’ve gotten used to that. Do I like it? No. Still, only one night to perform my best, finish it, then of course want to do it again, but can’t. Figures. Story of my life as a dancer, and not a company one.

All right, I guess I have quite a bit of hostility in that regard, but I’m done with that now. Mind you, this is my blog and I do have my right to express my frustrations and opinions, so I guess that’s what I did. I honestly can’t wait to see how the white floor will work out. I think it’ll be cool, and awesome! It’ll be neat to see the DVD of that!

Anyway, this blog is done. I shall update you again soon on the progress of the piece. Can’t wait to perform it already! Are we ready? Almost…

There you have it. I’m officially done this blog post. I shall post again soon.