(Mom is waiting in the foyer for everyone to be ready to go. She, of course is waiting for her husband too.)

Mom – Am I the only one that is ready to go to have dinner with my sister?

Dad (from office) – No, dear, I’m coming!

Mom – You sure are coming, mighty slow, I might add.

(Mayalie and Crystal enter foyer.)

Mayalie – I’m here! Dally is coming!

Crystal – I’m here too! Berry *should* be coming close behind, but you know the men!

Mayalie – Yes, and Lindsey will be meeting us there.

Mom – I knew about Lindsey, just the rest of you. May, could you go hurry up Berry, please?

Crystal – I can, mom.

Mayalie – And I’ll go prod dad!

(Dad enters foyer)

Dad – I’m right here.

Mom – About time!

(Berry enters foyer)

Berry – I’m here now too. Let’s go!

Crystal – About time!

Mom – Are all men on the same frequency?

Mayalie – Yeah, the *being late* one?

Crystal – Sadly, yes. I do believe so!

Dad – Hey!

Berry – We are right here!

Mom – Enough now. Let’s go!