(Mom is by the stove cooking dinner. Brielle and Farah enter dropping their schoolbags by the door.)

Brielle – Hey mom, what are you cooking? It smells wonderful!

Mom – That is a surprise, and you will have to wait.

Farah – It must be something special. I bet we are having company tonight.

Mom – You are right about that. Your Auntie Rosanna is coming over for a very special dinner. She, and Uncle James have news for us. Your five half-cousins are coming too!

Brielle – As long as I don’t sit close to Mayalie, I’ll be fine.

Farah – That’s not very nice, Sister Bri! It’s a darn good thing she didn’t hear you.

Brielle – Oh, she will. She knows my distaste for her. She, as well as our other half-cousins took Auntie Rosanna away from us. That’s what I feel, and you honestly can’t stop me from feeling that.

Mom – Brielle Selina, hush!

Brielle – Mom, are you honestly trying to stop me from having an opinion?

Mom – No, you have a right to your opinion. You just shouldn’t address it so openly, especially when her step-mother is my sister! Is that understood?

Brielle – Oh, all right. When are Dicey, Jason, Brian and Hayley coming home? Will they be home for dinner?

Farah – Yeah, and where is dad? Isn’t he supposed to be home by now?

Mom – No. His hours at work changed. He’s working from 2pm until 10pm now. He’s also going to be working the occasional night shift on weekends. Being a nurse isn’t easy, but it gives us money. Jason is coming home soon… I think. I hope. Dicey is at the hospital getting her weekly checkup, and physiotherapy. She’ll be home at around 6pm or so. Brian is tutoring, and that ends soon too. Hayley is at swim practice and will be home in time for dinner. Speaking of which, I think I hear her coming in the door now.

Hayley (from foyer) – Mom! I’m home!

Mom (from kitchen) – I’m in the kitchen!

(Hayley enters kitchen)

Hayley – Hey Bri, hey Farah. Oh, and hi mom! Dinner smells good!

Brielle – Hey Hayley. Auntie Rosanna, Uncle James and company are coming over for dinner.

Farah – Ignore her tone, Hayley. Mom and I are.

Hayley – I plan on it! Sheesh! Who swallowed her whole and spit her back out?

Farah – Our half-cousin, Maylie, of course.

Hayley – Will she ever give that up?

Mom – Sadly…

Farah – No.

Brielle – Not a chance!

Mom – That’s enough, Brielle!

Brielle (grumbles) – Fine!

Mom – Good, now all of you go clean up yourselves for dinner. Hayley, once you’ve cleaned up, could you set the table please?

Hayley – Of course, mom. No problem.

Mom – Thank you. Now, hurry along, all of you! Rosanna will be here soon!

Hayley – Let’s go, sisters. We need to look nice and fresh for our company.

Farah – Yes, indeed we do. Let’s go!

(Hayley, Brielle and Farah exit, leaving mom in the kitchen, hovering over the stove.)