Izzy, The Willy-Nilly Sequel – Year 4!

Year 4

Rosemunde Has a Boyfriend

I Knew It’d Happen Soon Enough

It was now close to the end of the school year, and since the last trip to Tony’s parents cottage went so well, he thought it would be fun to go there again after school was out for the summer. Rosemunde thought it was a wonderful idea too, and when I told Jack, so did he. So, it was planned. There was a few weeks left though, and sadly, Tony was going to be graduating this year.

“Izzy,” Tony said hesitantly, as we were heading to his car from paper. “I have a question for you.”

“What is it?” I asked.

“I was wondering,” Tony began. “Since I am graduating this year, if you’d be the lead for the paper.”

“Me?” I asked, astonished.

“Yes, you,” Tony said. “I think you’d be great at it!”

“Not that I’m not grateful for this,” I said. “Aren’t you a little biased? You are dating me, after all.”

“True, I guess,” Tony admitted. “You haven’t answered my question though, will you?”

“I’d be honoured,” I said. “I’m surprised, and glad you asked me.”

“Why surprised?” Tony asked, as he opened the front car door for me to get in.

“There are so many people on that paper that have been there longer than I have,” I admitted.

“Honestly,” Tony began. “They all kinda suck at delegating. You don’t!”

“Again, I think you’re being biased,” I retorted. “I’m honoured though, nonetheless.”

“Good!” Tony exclaimed. “It’s settled then.”

He drove me to my house, and he came inside. That seemed to be his usual routine now, and mom didn’t mind it. He usually stayed for supper, at least a few nights a week. Tonight was pizza night, and he stayed for that. He left soon after dinner. I walked him to his car, just like I usually did.

“Again,” I said. “It was nice having you over for dinner.”

“As always,” Tony continued. “I enjoyed myself, very much!”

“See you tomorrow then,” I said, eventually.

“See you tomorrow!” Tony finally said. He hugged me, then proceeded to get into his car, then drove away.

The only sad thing I had to think about was the fact that, after this year, I wouldn’t see him at school. The flip side, however, he could come see me whenever he wished. Surprisingly, I liked that, way more than I thought I should. I decided to finish up my homework, take a long bath, then go to sleep. That’s exactly what I did!


The rest of the week at school sped by. I had lunch with Rosemunde and Tony every day. I quite enjoyed their company, especially Tony’s. Each of them was unique in their own way, but also in a different way, I enjoyed Tony’s uniqueness more. Rosemunde wasn’t even offended by it, partially because she felt the same about Jack, so she understood.

Jack and Joel visited the house that weekend. It was nice to have both of them home again. I could tell they were glad to be home too.

“Jack,” I said. “We’re going back to Tony’s parents cottage after school is done for the summer. Rosemunde is coming. Wanna join us?”

“Of course!” Jack beamed. “Rosemunde will be there… duh! Of course I’m in!”

“I figured that,” I admitted. “I still wanted to ask, just to make sure.”

“Oh, Izzy,” Jack said. “Firstly, if it wasn’t his parents cottage, would I have to ask if you’d want to go, knowing Tony would be there?”

“No,” I admitted again. “I see your point.”

“Well, then there you go!” Jack exclaimed, triumphant.

I didn’t know why, but tonight seemed like another good night for board games. I could tell Jack was reading my mind when he suggested it a few moments later.

Tony came, and Jack went to go get Rosemunde. I sat outside with Tony for awhile, and waiting for their return. I seemed to be getting more comfortable with the idea of alone time with Tony. I never realized I would feel so comfortable, but I was.

“I’m glad you invited me again, Izzy,” Tony admitted.

“I’m glad you’re here,” I admitted as well.

“I’m glad I’m here too,” Tony said.

We then decided on playing monopoly again. I could already tell Jack wanted to talk to Rosemunde, alone, but I also could tell he wanted to talk to Tony and Joel.

After the board game, Jack took Joel and Tony outside to talk. I was still inside with Rosemunde.

“Both of you,” Jack began. “Do you think I should ask Rosemunde now?”

“You could,” Tony said.

“Do you feel ready to?” Joel asked. “Do you think you know her enough to do so?”

“I believe so,” Jack admitted.

“Then,” Tony began.

“Go for it!” Joel said, completing Tony’s sentence.

They all went back inside. Jack decided to take Rosemunde home early, to get some alone time with her. Tony decided to stay until Jack returned, so we could have some alone time as well.

“Rosemunde,” Jack said, as he was pulling out of the driveway.

“Yes,” Rosemunde replied, suspicious.

“I really enjoyed your company,” Jack admitted.

“I enjoy yours too,” Rosemunde admitted also.

“Well,” Jack began. “I have something I’d like to ask you.”

“Go ahead,” Rosemunde urged him forward.

“Well, I’m curious what you think about you dating me,” Jack said.

“I’d be stunned,” Rosemunde admitted. “What are you trying to get at?”

Oh, Rosemunde,” Jack said with a smile. “I’m asking you if you’d like to date me.”

“Uh,” Rosemunde said, stunned. “Yes.”

“Awesome!” Jack exclaimed. “I can tell you are still stunned.”

“Yes,” Rosemunde admitted. “Happy, but indeed stunned.”

“That’s truly ok,” Jack said. “I’ll unstun you!”

“Not really a word,” Rosemunde said, chuckling. “I’ll take it though.”

“Good!” Jack said, as they arrived at Rosemunde’s house. “I hope to see you again soon.”

“You will,” Rosemunde said. “Just pick up the phone, call, and ask if I’m free. It’s that simple.”

“Yes, ma’am!” Jack said. “I’ll remember that.”

“Good!” Rosemunde said. “I will see you soon then. As soon as you call me, that is.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Jack said, defeated. “See you soon, and you will hear from me. I promise.”

Tony went home when Jack returned. I could tell Jack was extremely happy. I could tell he asked Rosemunde, and she obviously said yes! I was definitely going to hear Rosemunde’s side of things at school the next day. I’m happy for both of them. I always said that Rosemunde would find her soulmate, and she now has it in  Jack. What a year, and what an opportunity for Jack.