Oh ITickets, How Much I Hate You!

I don’t use the word hate loosely. There’s usually got to be a pretty damn good reason for me to use it. Tickets? Perfect place to use it!! So, Third Day is coming to Ottawa on April 30th, and Steven and I want to go… well, moreso me, I think. Anyway, we go online to go and purchase the tickets, but couldn’t. Firstly. shouldn’t visa debit cards work? Yes, they should! Instead of successfully putting in the order, it throws an error saying they can’t accept visa debit cards. What? Really?

Next stop on the I Hate ITickets Train, tried to call them. The first person I spoke with said that they do accept visa debit cards. I hung up from that call to consult with Steven, and he calls back. At first he gets told a different story. What? Seriously? Get your act together, ITickets! They give him the number to where the event is being held, and they didn’t have the tickets. The redirected us right back to, where? ITickets, of course! ITickets, round two? ARGH!!!

The next person suggested that we buy a prepaid visa, which honestly is stupid because Steven has a visa debit card! Moving on! While Steven and I were out yesterday, I got a call on my cellphone, from who you ask? Hello ITickets. You done screwing with us yet? The person talked to Steven and he gave his visa debit card information, all to no avail. The person suggests that either we can mail in a cheque for that amount, or, again, get a prepaid visa. Keep in mind, another frustration about ITickets, they don’t accept money orders… back to the route of prepaid visa-ville!

As it stands now, I seriously wish that Salem Storehouse didn’t close down. It would’ve made this so much easier than dealing with a company that sucks at what they do. So, once the prepaid visa is registered, trying this ordering tickets for the third, and hopefully, last time! Not impressed, ITickets!!!

Well, there you have it! This rant is complete!