An Engagement Present that I Never Expected!

Dear Nana;

It’s me, your granddaughter from the physical world. 🙂 It feels like ages since I wrote you last, but at the same time, it feels like not long at all. Wedding stuff is going slowly, but it’s going. When I was living at a retirement facility for a bit in 2012 for my knee, I met one of the staff there that was awesome and I still keep in contact with. Anyhow, this is where my story begins.

Nana, I’ve been trying for days to get tickets to a Third Day concert on May 30th. John’s wife, Tammy wrote me a message today that said her and John, which is the guy I was speaking of in the last bit, wouldn’t be able to make the Third Day concert. So, in turn, they are giving Steven and I the Third Day tickets!!! Wait… really? Yes, really Nana. I was in shock, but at the same time so grateful to them. Here’s the other awesome part, Tammy said that the tickets would be their engagement present to us! Can you believe that?

I can’t. I’m still in shock, and at the same time, super excited!! Never been to a Third Day concert before, and neither has Steven. Oh, Nana, I am so grateful! I know you’ll be with us as we go to that concert, and I thank you in advance.

I will write you more wedding stuff as it happens. You are wonderful, Nana, and you are definitely missed.

Love always,

Your Faithie