Church Fees Almost Paid Off!

Dear Nana;

Again I write to you. I think it is fair that I keep you updated, isn’t it? Well, here’s my update thus far. Steven and I are taking care of the church fees first, and we’re almost done. We only have the minister fee to pay for. Someone that Steven knows, by the name of Andrew offered to pay for the organist fee, which was a huge help!

I’m sure if you were still here, you’d contribute in some way. Or, maybe you are, and I am just not seeing it yet. I’m still grateful though, and glad I am tackling these fees before anything else. It helps me with budgeting after, for my dress and so on. As I’ve mentioned to you before, my color scheme is royal blue and silver. I love those colors together!

I still need to book an appointment, and start looking for wedding dresses. Also need to figure out how much I am willing to spend on a wedding dress. Oh, Nana, so much to think about. I’m just glad I can write to you often, no matter if you hear my thoughts or not. Although, I know you do hear me, each and every day.

So, I will keep writing to you as often as I think of things to tell you about. Until then, this letter is complete!


Your Faithie