One Crack of my Ankle Sends My Knee into Endless Pain!

Well, this title should say all… this morning was fine, I wasn’t in near as much pain as I am now. When I was sitting in the living room talking to my sister about random stuff, my body decided to stretch… fine, dandy. Except, my ankle cracked, which was what started this whole pain cycle with my knee. Pain radiated from my ankle to my knee, and ever since that point, I have been in extreme pain ever since. I even had to take my long acting pain med, as well as my top off one. Has it helped? Not so far.

Steven assisted me in the bathroom just after I took my pain meds. Here’s a sign that it will officially be, as soon as Steven returns with it, a transfer board day. Why? As I pivoted with his assistance, my knee gave out and I fell onto the toilet… ugh, ow!!!

Now I am patiently waiting for Steven to return with my transfer board. If only he could come back soon enough… pain isn’t getting better. It’s staying the same. IF someone were to ask me to rate my pain on a scale from 0 to 10, I’d exceed it and say 20!!! Ow!!

Well, this rant of a blog is done. Too much in pain right now.