Dance Time! Let the Creating Begin!!

As of last week, I went back to my usual routine of dance class on Mondays. We are getting ready for our end of year show on May 8th and 9th at GCTC. Last week, I observed for the start of the practice, while they went over a part that was already put in place while I was away, and in hospital. Then, I joined in.

I’m hoping to use my crutches in the piece somehow. and I’m wearing these black high heeled boots. I can’t wait! I also know I can’t give too much of our show prep away to you blog readers. I will tell you that if you live in Ottawa, and are free then, you should come. It is gonna be awesome! The Monday group will be performing on May 8th, and that’s the group I’m in!!! Can’t wait for you all to see it!

Next week I’ve got to bring my crutches to practice. It’s gonna feel nice to dance with my crutches again. Let’s just hope my knee holds out on show day! You hear that, knee? Keep your shit together! Inside note, some of you may remember that line from the book, The Fault in our Stars where Hazel talks to her lungs! Love it!

Now it is time for me to catch up on the episode, and premiere of Big Brother Canada Season 3 I missed. Until next time, this dance related blog is done!!

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