Letter to Nana – When Will Engagement Ever Sink In?

Dear Nana;

I told you I’d write to you often, and here I am keeping that promise. Oh, Nana, I found a really awesome site that has tons of wedding stuff, from wedding dresses, to accessories, like ring pillows and flower girl baskets. Not to mention, they’re in my color scheme, royal blue and silver! How awesome is that! What’s the site? It’s called Etsy. http://www.etsy.com

I met up with Steven’s mom, dad and niece today, since they wanted to get me a “welcome to the family,” gift. A few minutes after I was officially engaged, his mom and dad told me they had something for me… what was it, you ask? It was a new jacket!! One problem, that particular one didn’t fit my shoulders well. So, I got to pick out one that fit today, and I absolutely love it! 🙂

I’m so close, but yet so far away from becoming Steven’s wife, and his parents daughter-in-law… whoa! *Faints!* His mom already calls me her daughter-in-law, which throws me for a loop, a good loop, but still a loop.

Nana, is this really happening to me? Can someone pinch me, please? I don’t think I’m awake yet… it still seems too surreal for me. Was it that way when you got engaged, many years ago? I bet you couldn’t believe it until the wedding day actually came!

One of Steven’s nieces, Talia, already considers me her aunt. I feel rather humbled by this, truly. I never saw any of my nieces, Nana, and you unfortunately know this. Now, doesn’t it feel wonderful to say I’ll actually see them? Steven’s nieces are mine now too… boy, does that ever feel awesome, but weird all at once!

Nana, what else can I tell you now? Everything is still in the making. I’m fitting together my wedding vision, piece by small piece. You’re always in my thoughts, through it all! I thank you! 🙂

Now, dearest Nana of mine, I must sleep. Going to church in the morning, then getting my hair washed, and trimmed. I also have my online radio show tomorrow as well. I will write again soon to you, I promise.

Until then, I am hoping everything you see is in your favour too! 😀