Letter to Nana – I’m Getting Married!

Dear Nana;

As you probably already know, I am engaged!!! Yes, Nana, I found someone special, just like you said I would someday, and I have. Who knew! You, and He did! It’s amazing to say, but shocking all at once.

Of course, Tara is my Maid-of-Honor, absolutely!!! Why wouldn’t she be? Even through the times where we weren’t talking, you knew we would, if not only to keep the wedding promise.

I was looking for a particular wedding dress I found on Saturday, but for some reason, I can’t find it now. Today, however, while searching for it, this other wedding dress kept popping up. That was your selection for me, wasn’t it? Plus, you obviously knew this dress comes in silver! Great, Nana, but that dress isn’t quite my style. I’m sorry! I’m grateful for your contribution though, through spirit!

The theme so far surrounds who you are, an avid scrabble player. You and Steven would try to beat each other if you played one another, I just know it! It makes me laugh every time I think about it! Hence why the invitations will be royal blue background, with silver scrabble letters, in honor of you! 🙂

Nana, I seriously wish you were here through it all, physically, I mean. I think I’ll always wish that, until the very day– May 21, 2016! This chosen wedding date commemorates your birthday being on May 18th, and Steven’s grandmother passing away on May 26th. Fitting, isn’t it? We thought so!

I think throughout this process, I will be writing several letters to you, telling you how my preparations are going, even though you’ll probably already know. I still like to write them out anyway.

Oh, lastly, Nana, did you know that Steven’s mother knew me when I was small? Did Gillian ever tell you? I couldn’t believe it! Manotik and Greely are such small communities, aren’t they? Small worlds do happen!

And now, I will end this current letter to you, but will always update you, even though you probably won’t need it. I’ll do it anyway, though! 🙂

Thank you, Nana!