Ow, Multiplied by, Ow = Ow Squared!

Cheers to an early morning rant blog… a blog of pain. How joyous that sounds… ugh! I’m literally not able to sleep because of two doses of pain. Where is the first, you ask? My incision for my latest shunt revision. It’s itchy, but sore at the same time. The staples have not been removed either, but they are due to be removed on Monday. This pain, however, is clearly not as bad as my chronic knee pain.

I’m currently having trouble sleeping on my left side because of this pain. Yet, my left side is the only side I can sleep on currently, due to having a fresh shunt incision, and staples still there. Currently sitting up debating whether I want to lie down again and risk more pain, or fall asleep sitting up… ugh! Really? Those are such poor choices to begin with!

Basically, ow, multiplied by ow, definitely does equal, ow squared!! Too much ow in my world today!

This pain-filled blog is complete… ugh! That is all! 🙁