First Christmas with Steven and Family!!

It’s interesting looking back on past Christmases, and the relationships I have been in during those times, but today with Steven’s family, I felt like I belonged there. I didn’t feel out of place, or criticized for my immobility, but instead, I was welcomed in some way or another.

I’ve had Christmases with Chara, my sister, but those are a different kind of awesome! This, however, was a connection to my boyfriend’s family that I felt I belonged to. It feels weird, but I didn’t want to leave there this evening, even though I had to.

That, for me, is an awesome feeling, sorta kinda strange at the same time. I’ve never felt like that with anyone else, which to me speaks volumes. I can already tell there will be several other gatherings to them which, if I can help it, won’t be missed out on.

Today brought me closer to the feeling of belonging where I am now. What an awesome Christmas to be had, an awesome first Christmas of many. I can’t wait for the next one, next year!

Until then, I will settle for any other family functions. That is a must!