Random Rambles, Updates and Things!

This blog title says all, doesn’t it? Or, maybe to some it doesn’t, but oh well. It fits for me anyway. As written on my page entitled Waterlogged – Walking in Water Log. It fits for what I write in it.

I also watched some Keeping Up Appearances outtakes… they are hysterical!!! To give you a sample, I shall post some I found on youtube! Enjoy the hilariousness of bloopers galore! I sure did! I’m still laughing at some of them!

I thought I’d post that for you all!!!

Anyway, I’m at home for tonight, and Steven is at his home. I decided to do a random blog. Also, I just started my show again… DJ Faithful’s Worship Lounge on Sky 106!! If you want, and if you have Facebook, you can like my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/djfaithfulsworshiplounge/

So, besides lots of walking in the pool, and broadcasting again, I’m not doing a whole lot! Everyone enjoy the lovely bloopers I’ve left you with! 🙂

As for now, this blog is finished! 😀