Insomnia + Carving Knife feeling in Knee = Not Much Sleep!

Only four hours of sleep last night… why? Knee pain has kept me awake since approximately 6am, but I technically woke up at 5am. Woke up and had to use the facilities, but then I couldn’t get back to sleep since. Knee started to hurt as soon as I got up… ow! Not a fun way to start your Saturday! I probably see a nap happening today… ugh! Starting to really despise my knee, and the pain it constantly puts me through.

Still figuring out how to embrace it, embrace the newer me. It is most definitely hard… absolutely! Everyone that is close to me can see that I’m in pain, even though I try to handle it the best way I know how to. Hopefully sleep will come later, as I definitely need it! Thank you knee for being a, pain, literally! Trying to keep myself awake sitting up, and it isn’t working too well. I’m sooooo exhausted, but my knee hurts and I can’t sleep because of it. I think I might call my pharmacy today and see if I have my Trazadone still on file. I hope so, as I think my other sleeping med is starting to not work as well. Being that it is probably getting used to my body, which makes it not as useful. That just might help me sleep tonight. Ugh!

As for now, trying to stay awake. Let’s see if I succeed at this staying awake thing. Stupid knee! For now, I am done ranting about the day in the life of Faithie’s knee. I shall blog something more productive soon.