Insomnia Paying a Visit… Wonderful!

Have I mentioned lately how much I hate insomnia? Well, if I haven’t, I am now. I have one guess as to why I’m up, and that would probably be because of my test broadcast happening at noon today on Sky106. I haven’t broadcasted in ages, so it’ll be nice to get at it again.

Why did I wake up now though? Over-excitement, maybe? It just could simply be that insomnia paid a visit, and it is way too late to take my sleep med now. That indeed is the frustrating part. I was thinking about taking one of my sleep pills before I went to bed. Did I? Of course not! Hence why I am up now… no fun!

I’m tired, but I’m not, all at once. Has anyone ever had that? That’s what insomnia is folks. Might have to nap later today or something. For now, however, I suppose I’ll just browse around twitter and facebook until sleep finds me again.

As for now, this blog is complete.