Pain + Lack of Sleep = Can Tomorrow Come Sooner?

It’s a very rough morning for me this morning. Only got about an hour and a half of sleep last night. Woke up with stabbing pain pulsing through my knee, and on top of that, insomnia paid a visit too! I’ve been up since probably around 2:30ish this morning… so here I am, almost barely awake, but awake at the same time.

Not to mention, Steven wasn’t feeling well last night, so I ended up staying at my house and sleeping on my sister’s bed, while he slept on mine. This made it easier for me if he needed anything. One problem, I left my meds at Steven’s house, because that’s where I am sleeping until I get a higher bed for myself. I have to go to the Appletree tomorrow to attempt to talk some sense into the doctor that will be working at my closest location tomorrow. Trying to let the doctor know that I take narcotics, and I need refills. I also need to mention that my family doctor is in the west end at an Appletree there, and I rarely go to that end anymore, so I need a doctor at the closest Appletree to me. This should be fun… not really.

So, this is where I am at now. I am out of both my pain meds, and my knee is killing me… really? How smart I am to keep forgetting to see a doctor… my knee is making up for it now! Now, I must try and stay awake today and I am hoping to get my grocery shopping done… hoping. It all depends how Steven is feeling, as he is still resting now. He seems better, but being the inner nurse I am, I don’t want to push him too much.

Anyhow, hopefully I won’t have to wait long at the Appletree tomorrow, as I will be leaving Steven’s around 10am. Hoping I get prescriptions tomorrow. I really hope so.

Hopefully also I can remain awake today.