A Well-Rounded Nutty Success!

It’s been interesting to have something else to make my week’s busy, that being play practices for The Nutcracker! As I have quoted once before, practice makes progress. Our continued practice made the end result our progress! That’s how I see it anyway. This past weekend was just that, a success! If it wasn’t for the hard work all of the cast put in, we wouldn’t have a production that all our audiences enjoyed!

I am so glad it is done, but yet, I’m sad that it is done as well. My hope is to audition again for another play, if not the spring one, that is if it doesn’t conflict with my end of year dance show. This just means if I am not in the spring play, I can be a part of the next winter play! One play a year works, especially if it is a play I wish to participate in.

I do, however, have to give some credit to Steven, as he is the one who forwarded the audition email for The Nutcracker to me. He also is a part of the OYP Theatre School Thursday class, so he got the audition email first, then I got a forwarded copy… it’s all in how you find out about these things, whether it be through your own research, or people you know who are a part of such a great project, such as Steven was, and still is.

Now to focus my energy on another possible play opportunity in the not so distant future. As for now, thank you to everyone who came to see our performances this past weekend! Each and every one of you made each audience unique, which is also what theatre is about. Thank you!