Excited for this New Years! Plus Other Random Rambles!

Welcome to a Tuesday morning! I don’t think I’ve mentioned enough that I can’t wait till tomorrow, which is New Year’s Eve! Or, maybe I have annoyed enough people with this fact of excitement!

I can already tell it will be so much better than last year… absolutely!!! 🙂 I’m gonna have my closest friends and honorary family with me tomorrow, which will be awesome! Super stoked!!! 😀

Steven’s mom and dad are even joining the celebrations, which shall be awesome too, considering I already feel a part of their family… kinda feels weirdly awesome to say so, but yeah. Super happy about it though!

Today I am meeting up with a friend of mine, and her fiancé, which shall be nice. It is honestly too bad she can’t make it for tomorrow’s awesome New Year’s celebration! Oh well… I’ll spend time with her today, and that will be fun indeed.

Random end note to this very weirdly organized blog, I got my boyfriend an android phone for Christmas, and he is literally currently playing with it as I write these exact words. Now he decides to familiarize himself with his new phone. Too funny!

Now, this random rambling mess is complete! I will probably write a post about the New Year’s celebrations that took place. Can’t wait!!! 😀 Yay!!! 🙂

This particular blog is done! I shall be back in a day or so with New Year’s happenings! 😀

Shunt Surgery… Again?

It honestly feels like yesterday since I’ve had my last shunt revision. Yet, it has been a year ago or so now. I went into hospital this time, around early Friday morning, from what I can recall. The neurosurgeon who did my last shunt revision told me to only be concerned when my headaches wouldn’t go away with rest. This one sure didn’t. It got worse. Over time, nausea crept up on me too! Yuck!

So, instead of going around the bush, I went straight to the Civic Hospital, which cut down my waiting time by half, I’d say. This time took a lot quicker than the last time did. I can definitely say that much, all because I acted on it quicker. That’s how I got home quicker, because I got my energy back faster.

I’m starting to understand my shunt better now. Until last year, I haven’t had any issues with it until that point in time. Why I’m suddenly having issues now? I have no idea. Well, at least I don’t feel quite like crap as I did. That’s the good news!

I’m at home by myself right now until Steven returns with a 2L bottle of coke, the rest of the pizza bagel bites, and the rest of the tomato sauce for pasta.

Seriously considering resting this afternoon, and making sure I am ready for our New Year’s Celebrations! Yay! Super excited about that! 🙂

As for now, I do believe this blog post is complete! Hoping this next blog post isn’t so rant-like! For now, however, this blog is now done! Hoping to write better things within the next few days! Yay!! 😀

First Christmas with Steven and Family!!

It’s interesting looking back on past Christmases, and the relationships I have been in during those times, but today with Steven’s family, I felt like I belonged there. I didn’t feel out of place, or criticized for my immobility, but instead, I was welcomed in some way or another.

I’ve had Christmases with Chara, my sister, but those are a different kind of awesome! This, however, was a connection to my boyfriend’s family that I felt I belonged to. It feels weird, but I didn’t want to leave there this evening, even though I had to.

That, for me, is an awesome feeling, sorta kinda strange at the same time. I’ve never felt like that with anyone else, which to me speaks volumes. I can already tell there will be several other gatherings to them which, if I can help it, won’t be missed out on.

Today brought me closer to the feeling of belonging where I am now. What an awesome Christmas to be had, an awesome first Christmas of many. I can’t wait for the next one, next year!

Until then, I will settle for any other family functions. That is a must!

Have a Cold… Merry Early Christmas?

This title says how I’m feeling now. Firstly, I didn’t sleep well last night, and will most likely take a nap this afternoon. Secondly, when I woke up this morning, for sure I had a cold. Sinus pressure on my nose, great way to wake up… not!

Once I actually got up and got myself breakfast, I also realized my taste buds are on their way to being shot… yay, or, not! I knew this cold would come eventually.

I have decided that I am glad it came now, and not in the middle of my performances of The Nutcracker. That would’ve sucked even more! Most definitely!

Now I am sitting up listening to the K-LOVE Christmas stream, and I’m bored kinda. I’m also rather tired too, but don’t wanna lay down until I have my meds here when Steven brings them.

I just generally feel like crap. Ugh!

This sicky rant is done… I promise!

Woke Up this Morning and Left My Head on its Pillow!

Really? I forget to book para again? Apparently my body cherished sleep more than waking up on time to book. So, again, I call this, I left my head on its pillow… oops!

Oh well… can’t do much about it now. Today I am purposely not going anywhere too far, since I forgot to book para for today too! I’m apparently not with it… at all.

Now what’s happening today? No idea. Listening to Christmas music on K-Love this morning to try and wake me up a bit more. Maybe I’ll have the correct foot forward for the rest of the day. Or, maybe I should just go back to bed… or, not. I tried though.

Well, I suppose this blog is done for now. Might write one again later or something. We shall see how the day goes.

Random Rambles, Updates and Things!

This blog title says all, doesn’t it? Or, maybe to some it doesn’t, but oh well. It fits for me anyway. As written on my page entitled Waterlogged – Walking in Water Log. It fits for what I write in it.

I also watched some Keeping Up Appearances outtakes… they are hysterical!!! To give you a sample, I shall post some I found on youtube! Enjoy the hilariousness of bloopers galore! I sure did! I’m still laughing at some of them!

I thought I’d post that for you all!!!

Anyway, I’m at home for tonight, and Steven is at his home. I decided to do a random blog. Also, I just started my show again… DJ Faithful’s Worship Lounge on Sky 106!! If you want, and if you have Facebook, you can like my Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/djfaithfulsworshiplounge/

So, besides lots of walking in the pool, and broadcasting again, I’m not doing a whole lot! Everyone enjoy the lovely bloopers I’ve left you with! 🙂

As for now, this blog is finished! 😀

Insomnia + Carving Knife feeling in Knee = Not Much Sleep!

Only four hours of sleep last night… why? Knee pain has kept me awake since approximately 6am, but I technically woke up at 5am. Woke up and had to use the facilities, but then I couldn’t get back to sleep since. Knee started to hurt as soon as I got up… ow! Not a fun way to start your Saturday! I probably see a nap happening today… ugh! Starting to really despise my knee, and the pain it constantly puts me through.

Still figuring out how to embrace it, embrace the newer me. It is most definitely hard… absolutely! Everyone that is close to me can see that I’m in pain, even though I try to handle it the best way I know how to. Hopefully sleep will come later, as I definitely need it! Thank you knee for being a, pain, literally! Trying to keep myself awake sitting up, and it isn’t working too well. I’m sooooo exhausted, but my knee hurts and I can’t sleep because of it. I think I might call my pharmacy today and see if I have my Trazadone still on file. I hope so, as I think my other sleeping med is starting to not work as well. Being that it is probably getting used to my body, which makes it not as useful. That just might help me sleep tonight. Ugh!

As for now, trying to stay awake. Let’s see if I succeed at this staying awake thing. Stupid knee! For now, I am done ranting about the day in the life of Faithie’s knee. I shall blog something more productive soon.

Why am I Awake So Early? No Fun!

Ugh, this insomnia thing is getting old. I am growing quite sick of waking up at odd times during the night. The only positive to waking up now, it’s late enough to be considered waking up at a decent hour… hello 7am, nice to see you.

Heading out today for a little while, and it shall be fun. Until then, I’ll be as bored as ever, and that’s never fun.  I’m bored, and fed up with insomnia presently. I probably should take my sleep pill tonight.

For now, however, I am either going to write another creative piece of writing for my blog, or just do another random blog post. Until then though, I suppose this blog is done.

A Special Snow-Filled Christmas!

Imagine a small village with snow dusted on trees, and on the rooftops of country houses, and small apartment buildings. The sidewalks have snowbanks amongst them, from when snow plows do their morning routine. My house is a small two story home. I live with my family. We are the Jansens. I’m Ana, the oldest Jansen child– I’m 20 years of age. I only have two other sisters. Emily is the second oldest, she is 16, just turned. Melodia just turned ten a few days ago. She’s the Christmas child at our house. Our mother, Tiffani runs the house on her own. She is a single parent, and she does well at it.

It’s also around Christmas here, and we celebrate with each other, plus our Aunts and Uncles come for dinner on Christmas day. It’s a lot of fun.

There’s a snow storm brewing outside, that much I can tell. Mom wants all of us to stay indoors, but of course Emily wants to go out to the mall and go Christmas shopping with her friends. I did offer to drive her, and eventually mom reluctantly agreed. I’m going to be picking her up at 9pm from the mall, just to make sure she makes it home safely.

“Why did you suggest to drive me?” Emily asked while getting into the car. “I could drive too, if you watch.”

“It’s snowing heavily out,” I reminded her. “Most sane people would wait to do their shopping until there is safer weather conditions.”

“True,” Emily agreed. “I promised them though.”

“I know,” I continued. “They could wait for another day, couldn’t they? Well, if your safety depended on it… am I right?”

“You’re right,” Emily sighed. “I just wanted to spend time with them.”

“That’s exactly why I offered to drive,” I reminded her. “You best be thankful, Em. Mom will find out if you aren’t!”

“Oh, all right!” Emily snapped. “Thank you for driving then.”

“I will tell mom if you snap at me too, you know,” I replied firmly. “Here you are. Have fun!”

“Thank you, thank you!” Emily exclaimed excitedly. “I’ll see you at 9pm!”

Once I dropped her off at the mall, I decided to head home. It’s not the nicest weather to be driving in, but it is pretty to look at from inside the warm house. Mom and I decided to get some Christmas baking done, so that’s what I did when I returned.

“Mom,” I began, while looking for the Christmas baking recipe book. “Emily has become very needy, why is that?”

“Ana, my child,” my mother chided. “Emma is still a teenager. You were rather needy at 16. I remember so.”

“Ugh, really?” I asked in disgust. “Thank goodness I’m not like that now. It is irritating me seeing Em like that. I can just imagine how you felt when you saw me like that.”

We started throwing together the ingredients needed for our famous Jansen Christmas cookie recipe.  After a batch of Christmas cookies were in the oven, I decided to make my signature Christmas Candy Snowballs. They’re easy to make, and make great gifts, with assorted other baked goods too. That’s what we do for friends and acquaintances in the village.

After a good batch of baking got done, I went to pick up Emily from the mall. The winter winds were blowing fiercer now, and the snow was blowing. Not good to be out in those weather conditions, but Emily insisted on going out… how ungrateful of her, and it really bothers me.

“Hey Em,” I said as she got into the car. “How was the mall? Probably desolate, since people are smart and are staying out of this winter storm.”

“It was pretty desolate, yeah,” Emily admitted. “Thank you for driving me though, Ana.”

“You realize I might be risking my life here,” I said acidly. “I hope you can show some respect to mom for letting you go.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Emily said in monotone. “What did you do while I was out?”

“Talked with mom, and did some Christmas baking,” I replied. The Christmas Candy Snowballs are in their molds in the freezer hardening.”

“Yum, those are my favourite!” Emily babbled on.

“This batch is for our Christmas gift boxes,” I reminded her. “I will probably make another batch tomorrow, or the next day.”

“Yes!” Emily cheered excitedly. “I can’t wait!”

I parked in the garage when we got back home. The snow was heavier now, and as soon as I entered the house, I started searching the house for candles. I wanted to be prepared in case the wind took down our power line. I also put a cooler with ice in the garage for all our frozen food, and baked goods. I figure I’d prepare the house for mom, just in case we lost our power.

“Mom!” I called from the foyer. “Shall I shovel the walkway?”

“If you wouldn’t mind, Ana,” she responded from the kitchen. “Yes, please!”

Before I headed out to shovel, I thought about bringing my youngest sister, Melodia, with me so she could be outside and play in the snow. She loves the snow, and she loves anything to do with winter. The rest of the family, however, does not. I personally don’t mind it, and she likes that. She likes when I go out with her.

Once outside, I did some shoveling of the driveway, and walkway up to the front porch of the house. My sister decided to jump into the snow mounds as I was shoveling. She loves to do that with anyone who shovels, especially me. She giggled when she revealed herself amongst the snow mound. I couldn’t help but laugh too, although she was creating more work for me.

“Ana, sister,” Mel said. “Come make snow angels with me. Or, better yet, Christmas angels made of snow.”

“After I’m finished, Mel,” I replied, smiling at her. “You love your Christmas angels, don’t you?”

“Christmas snow angels, actually,” Mel corrected me.

“I must shovel more before we head in,” I told her. “Do you want to stay out here with me, or go inside?”

“I’ll stay,” Mel replied enthusiastically. “Why would I want to leave you out here by yourself? That’s not fair, is it?”

“No,” I agreed. “I suppose not. Most of the family I wouldn’t catch being out here with me, except for you, of course.”

“You’re probably right,” Mel agreed, and laughed at the image it created in her mind.

After I finished shoveling, I headed inside with Mel. I thought about making hot chocolate for Mel and I, to warm up from being outside. Mom beat me to it, and offered it to us as soon as we entered the house. It’s amazing how well our mom knows us. She should, considering she raised us all by herself.

“How was shoveling?” Mom asked.

“It was all right,” I said. “Miss Mel tried to jump in the snow mounds I created with the snow I shoveled. She found it quite funny. I couldn’t help but laugh too, though.”

“Oh, silly Mel,” mom chuckled aloud.

“She’s the only winter loving child,” I replied. “I don’t mind winter, but it isn’t my favorite season.”

“Thank you for getting the shoveling done,” mom added.

“No trouble,” I replied back. “It’s getting bad out there. Might have to shovel again in the morning before people leave the house.”

“The plows should come in the morning,” mom told me.

I woke up early the next morning. It was Christmas Eve, and mom was right. The roads were ploughed from last night’s snowfall. When I looked out my window into our front yard, I could still see Mel’s Christmas snow angels, left unscathed. They were indeed pretty to look at. I then realized today was going to be a fairly busy day. We had baked good gift boxes to give to people in our neighbourhood. It’s a tradition we do every year to give back to our neighbourhood. That’s the gift of Christmas, I believe.

“Children!” Mom called from the kitchen. “Breakfast is ready! We have a big day of gift giving and more Christmas baking to get done. Mass is tonight too, don’t forget.”

“Midnight mass?” Emily asked from her bedroom.

“Yes,” I called back from my room. “Of course!”

“Will there be Christmas snow angels?” Mel asked.

“Yes, yes, yes,” mom answered. “Now, hurry up! You mustn’t let your breakfast get cold!”

As I got dressed in my red velvet dress, with white tights and my black shoes, I was thinking about what a wonderful Christmas this would be. Lots of time giving, and spending time with family too. Today is only the start of an awesome Christmas!

Snowed inl

After breakfast, we all headed out with our gift boxes, snowsuits, boots, hatts and mittens to go deliver Christmas sweet boxes to our surrounding neighbourhood. That’s a tradition we’ve always had. When we would arrive at each house, Miss Mel would leave a Christmas snow angel for them on their front lawn, that didn’t change either. She’s been doing that since she was three.

Even when it snows just before Christmas, it is always special. Everyone is so appreciative when we show up on their doorstep with homemade baked goods from our home to theirs, and it doesn’t cost them anything. That’s the wonderful thing about giving. This Christmas, however, seems more special in some way… a wonderful, snow-filled Christmas!