Random Thoughts Before a Very Busy Weekend Ahead!

It’s been interesting dealing with my new stage of knee, figuring out ways to do things differently than the way I normally do them. For example, as a lot of my blog readers know, I am a dancer. Now I am getting used to being a new dancer that has to adapt the things I normally can do, and normally wouldn’t hurt, but somehow now they do. An example of this is adapting how I do specific movements so those particular movements won’t kill me. Oh yes, the example… in the piece we are doing for Community Day, we have to pat our laps with our hands. Normally this gesture doesn’t hurt my left knee, but as of this past Monday’s class, that movement sends my left leg into spasms of pain until I stop doing that movement… very different from before. Maybe that will be my new norm that I will have to get used to… hope not.

This weekend I have a busy weekend coming up full of performances for The Nutcracker. Tonight I am getting showered so I am nice, clean, and presentable for tomorrow’s Dress Rehearsal. In one way, I’ll be sad to let this play go, but in another, I will not miss it. Rehearsals take up time, and energy. Some of that same time and energy I spend dealing with pain, but this is obviously much more fun. I honestly wish that my spring dance show was more than just one night. Each time you get to perform something, you get to perfect it more. Those are the key points as to why I like having more than one performance.

It’s sad to say that this blog is done

Return another day for lots more writing fun.

I can already tell I’m into my role. Hello rhyming! 😀