Nutcracker Performances This Weekend! Yeah!

It’s getting closer… so much closer! I can feel it, the fact that I am Minstrel Sweet, breathing in my character, exhaling all the crap I am currently stressed about. Minstrel in, stress out. That’s harder than you think!

Besides the fact that I can’t use my crutches for my chaacter now, I have to use the wheelchair, all thanks to my present stage of knee. Maybe stil it is hard to grasp the possibility of me being a wheely for an unknown period of time. That;s besides the point, I am still excited regardless!

Getting organized, bit by bit. I am having adjustments made to my costume,  It has green, brown, white and some purple. It’s awesome! It even has a hat with it… I dislike hats, but I love this one!

Keep in mind, however, this hat will most likely have to be bobby pinned, to make sure  it doesn’t move around. Tonight begins the days ahead of rehearsals, and then showtime!!! I, for once in my life, love my character! She, Minstrel Sweet is almost me, to a tee!

This blog is done, and it was such fun. 🙂 Where’s my partner  in crime, Maestro Sweet? He’d say something like, to write it for all you folk. 🙂

All right, I must stop this… at once!!!