Home Again… Still no Signs of Improvement

First off, I must embrace, not reject. Even though I am now at home, and using my sister’s bed to sleep on when I need to, no sign of improvement on this whole leg straightening thing. Although, when I don’t forcefully try and bend, it will bend sometimes on its own when I am lying down now. So, I’m trying to lie down a bit each day to receive my knee pain a little. Plus, I just feel more tired due to my upper body being relied on more.

Still… this frustration of not being able to put on my left boot continues… that’s the annoying part, I think. I don’t normally like to use para, unless I have to. Since I can’t put my left boot on, I’ve been left with no choice but to use para. That is, unless I don’t wake up in time to book for the next day’s travel… just like I did by accident this morning, I only ended up waking up at 10am to Steven coming to check on me, and to also tell me I had an hour to get ready to go to the Rideau Centre today, but I knew I wouldn’t be up in time, considering Steven woke me up from a daze.

So, here I sit while everyone is gone out, and I somehow just wish my knee would cooperate and let me go out too! That’s all, but I guess I can fit myself with some piece of good, there are people who could be bedridden because of their pain, but I obviously still find this new stage of my knee a bit frustrating.

I believe, however, that I should see if there is a support group with people who may have CRPS, and if there isn’t, I should start one. That’s the positive approach I will give to this, making as many people who have CRPS comfortable with their own selves as they possibly can.