Hospital? Again? Hello New Stage of Knee… why?

 Written on November 18, 2014

 Friday night equaled to games night with honourary family Game ended, just about to head to my room for the night, then my lovely knee decided it was gonna lock on me as I was trying to stand with my crutches.

 Now, I had seen this go straight thing before, but my sister hadn’t. The only difference between this time, and two years ago is that my knee had this throbbing/burning sensation. That was what made me give the go ahead to call 911.

 During the wait, I showed another sign that I’d never witnessed before. I was feeling rather spaced out, as if to say the pain was too much, and my body tried to relieve itself by me spacing out.

 The ambulance arrived… finally! After doing their work up of me, they send me to the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, because that’s where I got my work up done last time, or most of it, anyway.

Let’s take a flashback here, back into two years ago at the rehabilitation Ceentre… after having a needle stuck in my knee, and a hip X Ray done, the doctor told me how it was. There was the possibility that I would not walk again. Until now, that has changed.

Firstly, the nurse was gonna try and put me in a wheelchair and go through urgent care, but I told one of the paramedics that I can’t bend my left knee, and I can’t transfer with only one good leg. So, I eventually went to an off-loading area, which proceded to an observation room.

Now here comes the interesting part…

I forgot to mention that the ER doctor wanted an X Ray of my knee… it obviously showed nothing, so the ER doctor approached the Medicine team… the first doctor I spoke to understood what I was saying, more than what I thought the second doctor did. By this point, however, I guess Steven really showed how much he loved me, by holding eight years worth of tears for when I was waiting in the off-loading area… I still, and will probably always say when he cries, poor guy. I felt so bad having to leave him for an X Ray, let alone anything else.

This, I suppose brings me to the doctor whom I thought didn’t understand me, but was checking for signs and symptoms of CRPSi(Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.)

So, here I go into another hospital stay thinking no one understood me, when in actual fact, they kinda were. Although, it wasn’t until the Med Student who was on my Medicine Team showed, and read to me the article that she found about CRPS.

Two years prior, when I was being seen as an Inpatient by Dr. Wolf, my friend Michelle was at the rehab centre for something of her own. She ended up spotting me in the cafeteria, and came to talk for awhile. Interestingly enough, she paid attention to my frustration that went on facebook and I even think twitter saw it too! She was the first to tell me that she has CRPS, and she thinks I may have it as well

Turns out, two years later, after probably reading my MRI scans from 2012, plus probably the hip X Ray, as well as both of the times they took an X Ray of my left knee, and both times it obviously showed no difference.

How on earth do I deal with CRPS? I gotta become super aware of how CRPS affects me in regards to its symptoms. As discovered by my sister, and whoever else saw the article on SPD(Sensory Processing Disorder.) I honestly believe, and will represent both of these with confidence! What other choice do I have? Not much. Gotta just grin and bear the changes that have, and could occur in the future.