A Dose of Cimorelli-ness!

As most of you know, it’s fairly clear the only reason I know of the newest songs of today is because Cimorelli usually does covers of them. This particular cover is no exception. It’s awesome! They mixed them using their piano, with their studio version of the song… quite unique! What song did they do? You shall see!

Steal My Girl – Cover: The original of this song was done by One Direction. Cimorelli’s versions of One Direction songs are usually awesome! This one, no different!

All right, more Cimorelli talk. As fans of Cimorelli may, or may not know, their EP, Renegade, is on preorder now, and will be out either tomorrow, or Tuesday. I’ve already shown you the lyric video for That Girl Should Be Me. Maybe at a later date, I should post the music video for that song. As for right now though, they posted on their youtube channel another song from their upcoming EP.

I Got You – Original Song: As some of the youtube comments suggest, this song should have been in The Fault in our Stars movie, which I agree with! Here you are, another awesome original!!

So, there you have it! Enjoy what I call Cimorelli Land!!