This Just Shows How Young I Am!

As of tomorrow I will be 28 years old, and is it ever hard to believe… yep! So, this blog is not necessarily about just my age, but it has a part in it. Went to Steven’s Thanksgiving dinner with his family, and I literally got the shock of my life! Steven’s mother and father live in Manotik which is close to my old stomping grounds, Greely!

My mother took me in at three weeks of age, as a foster child. So, like any new addition, my mother needed diapers… and the place where she went and bought said diapers, Steven’s mother was a cashier there. My mother ended up telling Steven’s mother about my diagnosis, saying I’d probably be deaf, blind, not walk, or talk. I defied the odds, and do all those things!

Steven’s mother ended up seeing me again at three years of age… and apparently, I told her that she had a nice top on, which shocked her, immensely. Then, what do you know? I’m dating her son? I think Steven’s mother was relieved at that, I could see from the tone, and surprise in her voice.

I will always remember her three questions:

Steven’s Mother: Are you from Manotik?

Me: No, Greely though.

Steven’s Mother: I don’t mean to ask this right off the bat, but how old are you?

Me: Almost 28!

Then she added it up, and figured out she had seen me when I was just a little girl… oh, how young I feel now! Good grief! I can no longer complain how old I feel, when I now know someone met me when I was little.

Still super shocked! When will it ever absorb into my skull?

Never, I doubt.

Anyway, I am done now. This sums up my blog… shock!