Practice, Practice, Oh, and Have I Mentioned, Practice?

Written on October 15, 2014

So, tonight Steven and I went to our rehearsal for the Nutcracker Play that is being performed at the end of November. I remember being this excited for performing in plays throughout my high school years.

I keep forgetting about how excited I get with performing in general. First, dance, now this. I have Steven to thank too! He was the one who forwarded me the audition email for the Nutcracker in the first place. So, now here I am. I even have rehearsal on my birthday, which is next Wednesday! A which is from one of the TV shows I love, that being 19 Kids and Counting, they always say; “practice makes progress,” instead of “practice makes perfect.” I agree with their saying 100%, no one is perfect, so it doesn’t make sense to strive for perfection. Instead, let’s strive for progression.

So, that is where I am at now, the practice stage.

All right, this blog is done. Must try and sleep, as I have a beginner dance class to co-teach tomorrow.