So, Here I go Again, Writing! What about? No Idea!

Yeah… not been in a writing mood it seems, so this blog title fits how I’m feeling right now. Listening to Cimorelli, and there are a few songs I love, as of late. Some of these songs are covers, and some are originals that are coming out soon, and ones I already have.

That Girl Should Be Me – Original Song

Shake It Off – Cover

Rather Be – Cover

Come Over – Original Song

Really Don’t Care – Cover

Also, Cimorelli’s newest EP called Renegade will be out on October 28th, but you can preorder it now!!! Sooooo excited about that! Finally the studio version of Renegade is being released… about time, Cimorelli! So can’t wait! For those interested, I will post the youtube link to the EP’s sampler!

Renegade EP Sampler

As for now, I do believe this blog is done. Attached will be another poll, asking about which of these songs I’ve posted you like the best!