Back to Church, and Other Random Rambles

So, I went back to church today after missing a week, due to being in hospital last Sunday. After I entered the church, our Minister came right out with, “hello sunshine, glad you are back and feeling better. You look more like you today.” First of all, he called me sunshine? My mouth nearly fell to the floor I think at that moment. Although, it was nice getting a nice warm welcome back, even though I only missed a week.

Today’s sermon was a definite insight, and a very helpful one. It got me going, “aha,” in some places, and “oh, that’s so true,” in others. All in all, a very well preached sermon, most definitely.

After church, and lunch with some people from church, Steven and I went back to what we like to almost call “our second home,” when really it is Steven’s *actual* place of residence. Ended up relaxing and watching some Big Bang Theory episodes, and Legally Blonde 2, which I hadn’t seen until today. Even though Elle is kind of a ditzy blonde, I love her! Very encouraging she is.

After returning back to “our first home,” as we call it, Steven wrote his blog, and I showed Chara the “aha” moments in today’s sermon.

After watching some Big Brother Canada Season 2, Steven is off to the land of sleep, I’m finishing up this blog, putting on a load of laundry, then doing the same.

Now this blog is complete! Time to put on a load of laundry and try letting that sleep med to kick in and maybe actually allow me to sleep.