Shhh… Quiet with them Typing Fingers, Faithful!

Well, thank you Insomnia, only got an hour’s sleep. Trying to type quietly while my boyfriend sleeps. No idea why I’m not sleeping, maybe it’s being a watchful eye over my boyfriend to make sure he’s not restless in his sleep. I will still blame, until I have further proof of anything else, this lack of sleep on my lovely arch-nemasis, Insomnia!

From what I’ve been noticing, even my Insomnia twin sister Chara is getting more sleep than I… lucky her! It’s almost 7:30am now, and I am now just starting to feel like sleep *could* conk me out for a few hours… maybe this means a quick Timmies run before church? *Nods!* I do agree with this!

As I’ve posted on twitter, there’s a new town called Insomnation! Guess who’s Mayor? You guessed it, Insomnia! Hey Insomnia, how’s it like to have your very own town? Sticks out like a sore thumb, doesn’t it? Yep. Thought so. Ok, that last part just shows I need sleep! Ugh! It just might be time for a dose of my sleep med tonight… yay! Not!

Ok, I seriously must be quiet now so my boyfriend can catch a few more z’s before church. *Nods.* Off I go, for now.