An Update of Sorts

So, I know it’s been a little bit since I’ve blogged last, but I’ve had the role of me playing nurse to my boyfriend Steven, poor  guy wasn’t feeling quite himself… it’s running time, if you get my drift. To put it lightly, he got to test his athleticism 10 times before I, thanks to my sister Chara’s probing and reassurance, took Steven to the hospital. I stayed with him until he was seen, and dismissed. The doctor even said before he left the room that he wouldn’t be surprised if I got what he had… I did, but far worse.

I was in intense pain, which woke me up at 3am… dealt with that before, fine, peachy, great… never have I had it where the pain was so bad I got lightheaded just sitting up… ended up curling in a ball on my bathroom floor. Oh, and shortly after Steven recovers, guess who wakes up to my screams of agony and worry? He does… oh, is he ever awesome! *Nods.* Absolutely!

So, admitted to the hospital I was for three days. Steven and Chara, you could say did shift work on who stayed with me, or visited me when. It was so awesome to have an awesome support system like that. I hope I never have to go through that again! Ugh!

All right, well, as you all can tell, I am better now. All thanks to Steven for sticking by my side, as well as my awesome sister Chara, and a few people from church who came to visit me, it made my stay less boring. My awesome support system, I praise you all!

As for this blog, it is done. The next one, however, is a completely different subject entirely.