A Dose of Cimorelli-ness!

As most of you know, it’s fairly clear the only reason I know of the newest songs of today is because Cimorelli usually does covers of them. This particular cover is no exception. It’s awesome! They mixed them using their piano, with their studio version of the song… quite unique! What song did they do? You shall see!

Steal My Girl – Cover: The original of this song was done by One Direction. Cimorelli’s versions of One Direction songs are usually awesome! This one, no different!

All right, more Cimorelli talk. As fans of Cimorelli may, or may not know, their EP, Renegade, is on preorder now, and will be out either tomorrow, or Tuesday. I’ve already shown you the lyric video for That Girl Should Be Me. Maybe at a later date, I should post the music video for that song. As for right now though, they posted on their youtube channel another song from their upcoming EP.

I Got You – Original Song: As some of the youtube comments suggest, this song should have been in The Fault in our Stars movie, which I agree with! Here you are, another awesome original!!

So, there you have it! Enjoy what I call Cimorelli Land!!

This Just Shows How Young I Am!

As of tomorrow I will be 28 years old, and is it ever hard to believe… yep! So, this blog is not necessarily about just my age, but it has a part in it. Went to Steven’s Thanksgiving dinner with his family, and I literally got the shock of my life! Steven’s mother and father live in Manotik which is close to my old stomping grounds, Greely!

My mother took me in at three weeks of age, as a foster child. So, like any new addition, my mother needed diapers… and the place where she went and bought said diapers, Steven’s mother was a cashier there. My mother ended up telling Steven’s mother about my diagnosis, saying I’d probably be deaf, blind, not walk, or talk. I defied the odds, and do all those things!

Steven’s mother ended up seeing me again at three years of age… and apparently, I told her that she had a nice top on, which shocked her, immensely. Then, what do you know? I’m dating her son? I think Steven’s mother was relieved at that, I could see from the tone, and surprise in her voice.

I will always remember her three questions:

Steven’s Mother: Are you from Manotik?

Me: No, Greely though.

Steven’s Mother: I don’t mean to ask this right off the bat, but how old are you?

Me: Almost 28!

Then she added it up, and figured out she had seen me when I was just a little girl… oh, how young I feel now! Good grief! I can no longer complain how old I feel, when I now know someone met me when I was little.

Still super shocked! When will it ever absorb into my skull?

Never, I doubt.

Anyway, I am done now. This sums up my blog… shock!

Practice, Practice, Oh, and Have I Mentioned, Practice?

Written on October 15, 2014

So, tonight Steven and I went to our rehearsal for the Nutcracker Play that is being performed at the end of November. I remember being this excited for performing in plays throughout my high school years.

I keep forgetting about how excited I get with performing in general. First, dance, now this. I have Steven to thank too! He was the one who forwarded me the audition email for the Nutcracker in the first place. So, now here I am. I even have rehearsal on my birthday, which is next Wednesday! A which is from one of the TV shows I love, that being 19 Kids and Counting, they always say; “practice makes progress,” instead of “practice makes perfect.” I agree with their saying 100%, no one is perfect, so it doesn’t make sense to strive for perfection. Instead, let’s strive for progression.

So, that is where I am at now, the practice stage.

All right, this blog is done. Must try and sleep, as I have a beginner dance class to co-teach tomorrow.

So, Here I go Again, Writing! What about? No Idea!

Yeah… not been in a writing mood it seems, so this blog title fits how I’m feeling right now. Listening to Cimorelli, and there are a few songs I love, as of late. Some of these songs are covers, and some are originals that are coming out soon, and ones I already have.

That Girl Should Be Me – Original Song

Shake It Off – Cover

Rather Be – Cover

Come Over – Original Song

Really Don’t Care – Cover

Also, Cimorelli’s newest EP called Renegade will be out on October 28th, but you can preorder it now!!! Sooooo excited about that! Finally the studio version of Renegade is being released… about time, Cimorelli! So can’t wait! For those interested, I will post the youtube link to the EP’s sampler!

Renegade EP Sampler

As for now, I do believe this blog is done. Attached will be another poll, asking about which of these songs I’ve posted you like the best!