First Dance Session – Co-Teaching Style

As most of my avid blog readers know, I participate in a dance company called Propeller Dance. You can find out more about them via their website at:, or via their blog at: You can read up on their blogs tooo! Anyway, as most of you know, or may not know, I participate in the Monday evening dance class. Well, today, we started a beginner class for those interested in Propeller Dance, and don’t want to perform, as well as our main classes are quite full.

 Anyway, as one of my goals for this year, I wanted to partake in more of a teaching role, with regards to Propeller Dance, and today was just the start of that goal. I am helping two other people co-teach this beginner class on Thursday mornings for the next five weeks or so.

Today I got to meet a few new people I didn’t know, and one of them uses crutches… like the forearm ones I use, and I got to see how she danced with them.  It just shows there are multiple different ways to dance, and I personally can’t wait to experiment with this during my class on Monday evenings.

I am literally so excited for next Thursday’s class. As of next week, I get to instruct an exercise where, if comfortable, one person in a two person partnership has to close their eyes, and allow the other person to guide them across the space. This exercise gives hindsight into how I dance with a visual impairment. It’s an exercise I did with the Monday group I’m a part of, did it last year with them.

As you can very well see, I’m quite excited to be of assistance to Renata, (co-directer of Propeller Dance), and Liz, (dancer with the Propeller Dance Company). I can’t wait for more chances like this in the future, as well as this one right now.

Enough on that… for now. I do believe I will blog again tomorrow, or perhabs now, since I have added library time. As for this blog, however, it is complete! 😀