No Dance… Thank You Knee!!

Written on September 22, 2014

Well, I was supposed to go to dance this evening, but my kne had other plans… figures! All because of the cold… I think.

I was in the process of getting ready for dance when this all started. Getting from the nice warm bath, to the not so nice cold air outside the bath triggered this. Today, it was cold outside anyway, which I’m sure added to it as well.

Steven took on the role of PSW like a champ. He supported me with my transfers, and became the awesome boyfriend role when my med for pain reacted with me in a not so favourable manner. Ended up lying down with my head on his lap, and he played with my hair so I could sleep for a little while… awwww… I know, I know, right?

So, as it stood, no dance till Thursday! Now I’m just writing this before I get ready for sleep.

As for now, this blog is done! Now sleep calls!