A Blog… From the Library… Told You I Would!

With only 19 minutes or so remaining, this blog has to be a quick one. Doing quite better today, although, with consuming two bananas this morning, as well as a pita with butter, you’d think I’m back to normal. Well, in eating, yes, although the tiredness is still kinda there… didn’t think it would be, but it is.

As for the rest of today, hmmm… I need to find out exactly where the GCTC is, as I have to help teach a dance class there tomorrow morning… super excited about that!! Going to be co-teaching with two other people! My sister Chara joined the class, and to think I’ll be teaching her? Quite awesome!!!

As for now, there’s only a few minutes left of library time. I also have Steven patiently waiting for me, and, how sad is this, I took up the full hour… wasn’t planning on being that long! Oh well, this just means he can take as long as he wishes tomorrow… *ingraves that in my head!*

As for now, blog is complete! Will probably just blog from here tomorrow! 😀