No Judgements, Not Now Anyway!

So, here I am… while Steven, Chara and Dave go for a walk, I thought I’d start this blog now. I had another wrench in Steven and my relationship, but I can fully say I didn’t understand him, until now. I didn’t put the pieces together.

Originally, I thought Steven was repeating this pattern because he didn’t know how to show much he loved me, so then he’d just scurry off… boy, was I ever wrong! He has issues with family, just like me, a lot of pent up anger. So, in order to escape it, he creates his fear… like I did. Now that I fully get this, I now know I need to extend my patience more.

In turn, however, I need honesty from him so I can help him through what he needs. I love him enough to do just that, help and make sure he is actually ok. So, I now reevaluate this, knowing what I know now.