Empty House… Time to Write!

So, everyone is out of the house at the moment. Steven, my boyfriend as most of you know, is at an appointment. My roommates had to go pick up a package, so here I am… I’m listening to Cimorelli, and blogging. It’s gonna be a mixed bag of a blog today, but this is what happens with me sometimes.

So, over the last few days, I’ve been trying to figure out the best ways to be helpful to Steven, and I’m slowly seeing things I never really fully paid much attention to before. I usually just went with what he said, and that was that. Now, I look more closely at things, so then in turn I can help him where needed. It’s a difficult balancing act, finding the centre of gravity, if you will. It gets easier with the more things I notice, and the more he tells me what is truly on his mind. 🙂

As he has said to me, being around me calms him. A good way I see that is the fact he wants to come with me to dance tonight and watch me. I think, even though I don’t know if he’ll admit, there’s a calming mechanism to watching me do what I love doing.

Enough on that subject, for now. Indeed, I do have dance rehearsal tonight, which I am super excited about! We have a full class, and it’s awesome to work with everyone, and their varying abilities. I plan, as a chance of pace to bring my crutches to dance from now on. I believe it’ll provide me with greater movement, and also give me a challenge, which is one of my goals for this year.

So excited, tomorrow is sister day for Chara and I! Since I will be spending the remainder of the week with Steven, we decided to do our sister day tomorrow. I am definitely excited about that! It’s also being planned for tomorrow because of an appointment I don’t want to be here for. (This will be explained in another blog, at a later time!)

So, I think I am done this blog for now. Trying to blog at least once a day, so I will blog, for sure, again tomorrow… unless I do another one today! 😀