One Month as of Yesterday Already? Who Would’ve Known?

Yes, I know this title explains things rather nicely to those who know already, but maybe not to those who don’t. So, therefore, I shall explain loud and clear to those who do not  know, or, who don’t pay attention to Facebook enough to care.

Remember, dear blog readers, I wrote a blog previously that I was saying I was getting to know a man, a real one? Well, shortly after that, I end up dating, said man. Now, did I expect this? No, not really. Did I wish something would happen? Duh! Who wouldn’t? I got pretty tired of everyone else being in a happy, or at least somewhat happy relationship, when I didn’t. That’s surely not the case now.

As of yesterday, it has been a month for me, and of course, my boyfriend. It’s funny how I thought males didn’t know the word patience? Well, in this case, I was mistaken, greatfully so. I thought patience was a difficult thing to find, which for all you past boyfriends who thought I was too slow, grow up and get over your manly desires. You may say it was my fault, but obviously you didn’t love me enough to care what I felt, now, did you? No. I am in a relationship now, a strong one, so I am done with past bullshit. This one month seriously feels like five, or six months. Note to you boys who still think with your organs, I tried to make you fit like a puzzle piece, but in this relationship, it already fits, no editing, no nothing.

So, advice to the stupid world of guys, good luck in finding a true woman, or a woman who doesn’t just want *that.* That’s all I will say, except that I am happy moving forward with no idiots tracing a path behind me.